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Tula Dan:

Tula Dan is a special ethical astral remedy performed by highly qualified professionals. This remedy is recommended in cases where an individual suffers from such a disease that is not curable by medicines or is not diagnosable. This “Puja” is carried out only by very specialized people who acquired this technique form their ancestors. They follow very old Indian Traditional Rules.

Here the Puja begins with “ANUSHTHAN”, which is of the duration of a couple of hour. This followed by the main part where an individual, for whom the Puja is performed, will sit on one side of ‘Manual Balance’ (used by grocery shopkeepers), and on the other side of balance material were kept, according to the bad energy of the stars. Till the balance shows the same weight on both the side, the flow of materials should be continued. These materials are listed by astrologer before hence, considering once horoscope. This may include eatables such as, wheat, rice, pulses, oil, sugar etc., cloth, wood, metal like Bronze, Copper, Iron etc.

Only our organization has the specialists for Tula Dan who are very famous all over the world. They have an experience of more than 35 years. They are often called for performing this Puja in various places in India as well as abroad.

People who wish to know more about above ‘Puja’ may contact at info@astrokapoor.com, charges quoted for ‘Tula Dan’ is Rs 5100 / 235$.

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