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Testimonial By Madhu Mati

Madhu Mati
"Words would not suffice to speak of the assistance and guidance which Parshant has given and is continuing to offer to any and every one he comes into contact with. I met Parshant unexpectedly through LinkedIn. No doubt, he is a blessed pious soul, and life couch who can show you right way to move ahead in life. In this era, it is refreshing and a privilege to meet someone like him. 
In course of my telecom, I found Parshant to possess a niche at accuracy and interpretation with his lucid & articulate (clear & coherent) gesture filled with aspiration and motivation thereto. I am deeply impressed with his analysis and convey my high regards for his Endeavour and thank for his nobility for extending his helping hand to the ones who need support. 
Stay Blessed!" May 8, 2013

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