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Product Name: Ruby Rosary-Manik Malaz
Description: Made from natural untreated natural ruby bead.

Ruby is excellent for imparting energy. It improves motivation and helps to set realistic goals. Ruby is a powerful shield against psychic attack. It promotes positivity and helps to clear your visual sense organs. It cures anger and brings positive state of mind. Ruby-Manik charges up the passion. It is a sociable stone and attracts sexual activity.

Ruby is very good for enhancing Sun (Surya). A benefic Sun helps to attain glory and good luck to your life.

Purpose of Ruby Mala
It is an excellent for improving the effectiveness of the Sun God in your life.
Ruby mala can be enchanted, or can be worn around the neck.
It detoxifies the blood, lymph and treats fever.
It overcomes exhaustion and lethargy.
It treats the adrenal glands, kidneys and reproductive organs.
It charges up passion.

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