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Product Name: Tourmaline Rosary Mala
Description: Made from natural Tourmaline beads

Tourmaline cleanses and purifies dense energy. It is a shamanic stone. Tourmaline brings protection during rituals. It clears blockages and disperses negative energy. They are excellent for balancing and connecting the chakras.

Tourmaline is a powerful mental healer. It overcomes dyslexia. It releases tension and adjusts the spinal.

Purpose of Tourmaline Mala
It balances male-female energy within the body
It removes blockage from the body
It cures endocrine gland and treats lings, skins and heart
Brown tourmaline beads treat intestinal disorders
Purple tourmaline beads treats sensitivity to pollutants
Yellow tourmaline beads treat stomach, spleen, liver, kidneys and gallbladder
Green tourmaline beads treat hyperactive children
Colorless tourmaline (Achroite) opens the crown chakra.

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