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Product Name: Natural Turquoise Rosary-Firoza Mala
Description: Made from natural turquoise-Firoza beads from Iran

Turquoise-Firoza is one of the highly auspicious stone. It is found in Iran, where it has mined since time immemorial. Turquoise is considered as a protective stone. Turquoise is a symbol of the sea and the sky. It has been held as a sacred stone by ancient and contemporary cultures. The Turquoise has the capacity to absorb negative feelings. Its color changes when the wearer is ill, or if any unpleasant is on the way.

Turquoise is also known as the gem of friendship, relationship, love and romance.

What is special about Turquoise Rosary-Firoza Mala?
Turquoise is known to bring good luck and fortune to the wearer. It helps you to balance and clear emotions. Turquoise guards against violence, accidents and negative energies. This stone carries a strong healing vibration due o high copper content. Turquoise heals the viral infections and alleviates pollution. It reduces acidity, gout, rheumatism and stomach ache. This stone has an anti inflammatory and detoxifying action against pain and cramps and beneficial for the people who got delayed in marriage and still looking for relationship.

Today, Turquoise is still used as a talisman by pilots, cabin crews, and people who work in high risk environment.

Turquoise has a very strong healing power in depression and mental disease. It acts on the central nervous system and cures the system.

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