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Certified Amazonite Gemstone
Amazonite Meaning: Amazonite is a semiprecious gemstone also called as Amazon stone. Amazonite belongs to feldspar group of minerals. The feldspar is homogenous rock formed of minute tectosilicates. Amazonite was named after the South America’s Amazon River. It is found in light green to bluish green in color. It has an opalescent vein on the surface and sometimes often tumbled in appearance. It has a hardness of 6 to 6.5 on the Moh’s scale. It has a vitreous structure.

Origin: Amazonite is found in only a few locations across the world. It is mainly found in United States, Russia, Canada, Brazil, India, Namibia and Austria

Amazonite Healing Properties
Amazonite heals both the heart and the throat chakra. It enhances loving communication. It also opens the third eye and enables to reach the higher soul. This Amazonite removes negative energy and brings positivity in the life of the wearer. Medically, Amazonite removes calcium deficiency and calcium deposits. It balances the metabolic deficiencies of the body. It protects from the microwave emissions and protects from the health hazards.

Amazonite carries a very strong energy, which balances emotional personality traits of the wearer. It attracts luck and good fortune. When worn as an amulet, this stone protects from the bad spirit and evil eye. It has a very powerful filtering action to the wearer. It blocks the Geopathic stress at the physical level. It also protects from the electromagnetic pollution.
As, you know Amazonite has history since ancient time, it is considered as a very auspicious tone. It alleviates worries and emotional trauma. It removes the negative energies and aggravation.

Why Amazonite Gemstone?
Amazonite is a semiprecious healing stone. If you want a perfect balance between your mind and the body, then you can go for Amazonite.. All the semi precious gems are safe to use. They work best and even cheaper than the precious gemstone. It is blue to greenish in color, so it is also used to combat ill placed Saturn and Mercury in the birth chart of the person. It is the best gemstone for the Aquarius sun sign.
Note: You cannot use precious gemstone without your proper birth chart. But, it is recommended to use semi precious gems, even if you don’t have your correct horoscope.

Amazonite Jewelry
It is used in jewelry to enhance the beauty of precious gemstone. You can use this stone studded along with other stone in the ring or ornaments. It can be used in pendant or as a finger rings.

Gems Therapy | Medical Astrology
Amazonite is used in Medical Astrology for the treatment of various nerve related disorders. It is a semiprecious gemstone, so it acts harmlessly on the body system and aids in the cure of chronic disease. It gives vitality and draws off disease from the body.
It acts as a natural antibiotic for the body. It protects from the infections and creates a positive aura around the body.
It is widely used in the treatment of NERVOUS SYSTEM disorders of the body.

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