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Certified Ametrine Gemstone
Ametrine Meaning Ametrine is a very rare and an unusual stone. Ametrine  is found in the quartz when amethyst and the citrine reside in the same crystal. Color band combinations in Ametrine can vary from pale-violet to deep-purple to gold-brown. The color split of the Ametrine is rather abrupt and not a smooth blend of colors. It is a very rare, powerful stone. It is a stone of self confidence. Ametrine is highly beneficial for the person who lacks comfidence and fears to speak in the public. This purple - brown stone harmonizes the body and brings internal peace within. Ametrine gemstone is widely used since ancient area for the traetment of physical weakness. Ametrine beads gives immense benefit if worn around the nekc or as a ring in a finger.

It has a trigonal, hexagonal crystal structure. It has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. It is vitreous and transparent surface.

Source: Ametrine is usually found in Bolivia. Bolivia is the largest source of Ametrine.

Ametrine Properties
Ametrine is an elite group of gems as it is a very rare of all the gems. There is only one source of Ametrine found in Bolivia. This stone connects the physical realms with the higher consciousness. It facilitates and protects during the astral travel. It is highly beneficial to clear stress and tension. Ametrine opens the third eye chakra and promotes healing and divination.

Ametrine Healing
Ametrine brings clarity and harmonizes the perception and action. It strengthens the concentration and aids in thinking clearly. It releases blockages, including emotional programming. It is a gem of optimism. It brings self confidence and positive thinking in the wearer. Ametrine also stimulates creativity and supports the control of one.

Who should use Ametrine?
It is an extremely useful gemstone for the people who are in the healing profession. But it can be also used by the average person at the home, if you are a healer. Ametrine is very useful to combat addiction and removes the compulsion for the same.

Ametrine is useful for the patient of depression; it removes stress and heals the chakra of the body. It brings immense physical and mental energies in the wearer.

Wearing Ametrine Jewelry can help you to release stress form the body. The citrine energy present in the gemstone helps to boost the creativity and connects with the higher crown of the body.

Why Semiprecious gemstone Ametrine?
Although Ametrine is a semiprecious gemstone, it is a very rare power gemstone. Ametrine color can affiliate the yellow and purple cosmic therapy. Precious gemstones are very costly, but semiprecious gemstones are cheaper and carry excellent healing properties.

Ametrine in Gems Therapy | Medical Astrology
Through the middle age, people believe that cosmic energy was present in the gemstones. Ametrine is bicolor in appearance, which is very helpful in the treatment o various physical ailment of the body.

In Medical Astrology, this gemstone is used for the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome. It cures burning sensation, depression, gastric disturbances, ulcers and fatigue. It also releases blockages in the physical, emotional, and mental subtle bodies.

Since ancient time, Ametrine crystals are used as a blood cleanser and energizer. It removes toxins form the body and strengthens the immune system.

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