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Certified Angelite Gemstone
Angelite is a semiprecious gemstone which is found in blue, white, and sometimes flecked with red in color. Angelite has an opaque and often veined like wings on the surface. It is easily obtained. Angelite is an “awareness stone” for the new age. It facilitates the conscious contract with the angelic realm. It is a stone of confidence and self-esteem. Angelite is connected to the divine power and it gives excellent spiritual growth during meditataion. It is commonly called as a stone of divinity. Angelite is formed from celestite that has been composed for many million of years ago. Healers used Angelite to unblock the energy pathways. Sailors always kept Angelite bead as a talisman during their journey. Angelite is a birthstone for the Zodiac Aquarius. It heals throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra.

Origin: Angelite is found in Britain, Egypt, Germany, Mexico, Peru and Poland.

Angelite Benefit
Angelite increases telepathic communication. It helps to connect with the higher spirit. Its sparkling blue color imparts smoothness and relaxes the mind and the soul. It is a stone of divine communication and everyday reality of life.
It is a powerful stone for healers. It provides protection to the body, when taken as an elixir. Angelite has been formed from Celestine, which has been compressed over millions of years. Psychologically, it helps you to speak the truth. It alleviates psychological pain and brings deeper understanding of mathematics. It facilitates telepathic between two minds.

Why Semi precious Gemstone?
Semi precious gemstone has the same qualities as the precious gemstone. The semiprecious gemstone can be very well considered, if you are incapable of buying the precious gemstone. Although semi precious gemstone lack few characteristic of precious gemstone, but yet they have the quality which can act as a precious gemstone.

Why Angelite Gemstone?
Although, Angelite is a semi precious stone, it carries strong healing property, as precious gemstone. It is light blue in color, which is very helpful for removing depression and mental anxiety. It enhances astrological understanding and brings deeper understanding of the science subject. It can be used in jewelry in pendant and bracelet.

Angelite is a powerful healing stone. It heals the throat and removes inflammation. It regulates the functioning of thyroid and parathyroid gland. This soothing stone repair tissue and blood vessels, and balances the fluid. It can cool the pain of sun burn. It balances the physical body.

Angelite in Gems Therapy | Medical Astrology  Angelite is used in the treatment of mental disorders and depression. It is highly beneficial for the curing chronic thyroid problem. It strengthens the upper part of the body, which includes thyroid gland, parathyroid gland and voice box.
It balances the fluid of the body. It aids in the circulatory system and cure the disorders of the blood related disorders.

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