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Certified Azurite
Azurite is found in blue color and also the combination of Greeish Blu, green color and is a very rare variety of gem. Azurite is composed of a very high copper content. Azurite is one of the basic carbonate minerals, which is malachite. It has got the name from the Persian word “lazhward”. It is a fairly soft stone and is used in jewelry making. It has a hardness of 3.4 to 4 on the Mohs scale.
Azurite closely resembles that of lapis lazuli. It is found in deep blue in color. It is very small, shiny crystals and often stumbled stone. It is a meditative and a channeling stone. It also facilitates psychosomatic understanding of the effect of the mind and the body. It is also called as sobereity stone. Azurite brings peace and restores self confidence in a person. It also increases the slef esteem and brings new hope in the life of the wearer. Azurite bead is very good for removing mental depression.

Identifying Azurite
Azurite can be easily identified by its unique green color. It is very soft and can be often scratch with a fine nail. Though it resembles lapis lazuli in color, but it lack gold inclusions. It can be identified by its rosy pink to dark red in color

Azurite Origin: It is commonly found in United States, Australia, Chile, Peru, France, Namibia, Russia and Egypt.

Determining Azurite Gemstone Value
Azurite Color: It is famous for its vivid blue color. It is often found mixed with green due to the presence of malachite.
Azurite clarity and luster: It is generally opaque in color. When it is cut and polished, it has a very appealing vitreous luster.
Cut and shape: It is typically a collector’s stone. It is sometimes treated as beads.

Why Semi Precious stone Azurite?
Azurite is famous as the stone of heaven. It can be used to enhance the optimism and positivity in the life of the wearer. It can be used against the black magic and ill eye. Semiprecious gems are cheaper than the precious stone. These are very soothing and can be worn, even if you don’t have any birth chart. These heal the mind and body and balance all the chakras of the body.
Azuriteis highly effective for balancing the ill placed Venus and Saturn in the birth chart of the individual. Azurite can be used studded in pendants, beads and necklace as jewelry.

Azurite guides psychic and intuitive development. It uplifts the soul. This crystal enables journey out of the body. It is highly effective for raising consciousness to a higher level. It is a highly powerful stone. Mentally, Azurite brings about the clear understanding and new perspective to mind.
Azurite releases long-standing blocks in communication. It challenges the unguided negative energies and releases the stress.
It transmutes fear and phobias. It calms the overactive mind. Eliminates nervousness and brings self-expression.

Azurite Healing
Physically, it is a very powerful healer of the throat. It heals arthritis, joint pains and aligns the spine. It heals the kidney, gallbladder and liver problems. It treats the spleen, thyroid bones, teeth and skin.
Since ancient time, Azurite is considered as a very powerful healer of the immune system. It energizes and realigns the subtle bodies. It physically clears the chakras of the body.

Combination Stone
Azurite with Malachite combines the qualities of the two crystals and is a powerful conductor of energy. It unlocks spiritual vision. At an emotional level, it brings deep healing, cleansing, and overcomes muscle cramps.

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