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Certified Chrysocolla Gemstone
Chrysocolla is one of the very lesser known semiprecious stone. Chrysocolla is a composition of hydrous copper silicate, often confused with copper, iron and manganese oxide. It has a hardness of 2 to 4 in a Moh’s scale. It is apple green and lemon in color. The name Chrysocolla comes from Greek word for gold (chrysos) and glue (Kolla). It is often mixed with malachite, azurite and turquoise, which gives it a beautiful appearance. Sometimes, it is confused with turquoise, so it is very essential to get this stone from a certified and a genuine gem provider. It is an excellent gemstone for removing nervous tension and increases acceptance and tolerance level.

Origin: Chrysocolla is found in Chile, Peru, Mexico, USA and Russia.

Chrysocolla is a sustaining stone. It helps in meditation and spiritual alignment. It draws all the negative energies from the body. It invokes greater strength and is beneficial for the relationship. It calms, cleanses, and reenergizes all the chakras. Chrysocolla aligns the chakra to the divine communication. It energizes the solar plexus and draws out negative emotions. It heals heartache and increases the capacity to love. It opens psychic visions.
Psychologically, it encourages self-awareness and inner balance. It increases self-confidence and sensitivity. It has the great ability to enhance personal power and creativity. It removes mental tension and helps to take a wise decision. It promotes truth telling and impartiality.

Why Chrysocolla Gemstone? A semiprecious stone
Chrysocolla is a semiprecious gemstone, which carries the same property of a precious stone turquoise, and blue crystal. Semiprecious stones have as much power as precious gemstones. These are also cheaper than the precious gemstones and heal mind and body without any harm. You can use this crystal in a pendant or ring even if you don’t have your horoscope.
If you have an urge to wear bluish to greenish color cheaper stone, then Chrysocolla is the best option for that. This stone is harmless and you can use it in a pendant and finger ring.

Benefits of Chrysocolla
It stimulates fluent speech. It lifts oppressive and recurrent images. It brings sense of belongingness and security. It has a strong detoxifying action. It can mobilize heavy metals out of the body and stimulates liver function. It turns attention towards the exact goal. It is a very useful stone for forgiveness and compassion. It supports independence and encourages commitment.

Chrysocolla helpful in Career and Profession
This stone is very helpful in career and profession of art and music. It increases the self confidence and removes shyness in a person. It is very helpful for actors, and singers. It aligns all the positive energy towards the common goal of a person

Gems Therapy | Medical Astrology
Chrysocolla is used since ancient time, in the treatment of arthritis, bone disease, muscle spasm and digestive tract problems. It treats blood disorders and lung problems also. It aids in the treatment of cellular structure of the lungs
It heals infections especially in the lungs and strengthens the thyroid gland.
It is an excellent stone for women in the treatment of PMS and menstrual cramps.

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