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Certified Chrysoprase Gemstone
Chrysoprase is a semi precious gemstone of chalcedony quartz. Chrysoprase is apple green to lemon in color. It is mainly cryptocrystalline form of silicon dioxide. It is opaque, flecked, and often small and tumbled in appearance It is found commonly. The word Chrysoprase has been discovered from the Greek word, “chrusos” and “parson”. It is generally found in quartz bearing serpentine stone. It has a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. It has a luster of vitreous to waxy.

Origin: Chrysoprase is mainly found in Russia, Brazil, Australia, Poland and Tanzania.

Chrysoprase Metaphysical Properties
Chrysoprase is used in the ancient time to promote true love in life. It promotes hope and gives personal insights. It draws out talents and stimulates creativity. It is an excellent stone for increasing profits in the business. It heals personal relationship. This crystal energizes the heart and the sacral chakras. It brings universal energy to the body.
Psychologically, it brings calmness in the life of the wearer. This stone opposes judgementalism and stimulates acceptance of one. Mentally, it stimulates fluent speech and mental dexterity. It brings a sense of security and trust. It is useful in the healing and supports commitment.

Why Chrysoprase Gemstone?
The green color of the stone helps the wearer to bring soothing feelings in the life. Its green color brings intense positive vibration in the wearer life. It is an excellent stone for improving eyesight. You can use this stone studded in the pendant and a finger ring for maximum benefit. Though, it is a semiprecious gemstone, it also carries powerful vibration for healing mental and physical dimension of the body. It is harmless and can be worn by anyone.
Note: You cannot use precious gemstone without your proper birth chart. But, it is recommended to use semi precious gems, even if you don’t have your correct horoscope.

Gems Therapy
Chrysoprase is an excellent for relaxation and peaceful sleep. It enhances fertility, and cures infertility. It resonates with the sacral chakra and is an excellent stone for the female. This stone treats gout, eye problems and mental illness.
As, it is connected to the sacral chakra, it also increases the absorption of vitamin c in the body. It also treats fungal infections. The elixir of this stone calms the stomach problems.

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