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Certified Colorless Sapphire Gemstone Ceylon: 
Colorless sapphire is a precious gemstone which appears like a crystal. It is composed of colorless variety of corundum. Colorless Sapphire is completely clear. It has slightly yellow tinge and a typical luster of corundum. Its surface is also composed of fine veil like and lacelike liquid inclusions. It may also contain small crystalline inclusions with minute cracks and fissures on the surface. Colorless corundum is distinguished from colorless zircon by the pronounced bifringences of the latter.

Origin: Colorless Sapphire is mostly found in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). It is given a round or mixed cut and has been used as a substitute of Diamond.

Benefit of Colorless Sapphire Gemstone
Colorless Sapphire is an excellent gemstone for Venus. This tone helps to bring positive romantic vibrations in your life. Colorless Sapphire helps to calm mind and brings mental peace. It is a gemstone for meditation. This stone helps to overcome negative depression from life.

Colorless Sapphire helps to gain self confidence. It treats communication defect. It is a very good gemstone for the people who are in the field of administration, technical field, art, culture, and businessman who are in white products business.

By wearing this gemstone, you can get growth, prosperity and good luck in all the spheres of life. It is very good for the people who are in the field of writing, and acting. It helps to gain leadership qualities in the life.

This stone blesses the wearer with good health, wealth, prosperity, growth and wisdom.

Colorless Sapphire in Gems Therapy
Since ancient time Colorless sapphire is used in the treatment of disease related to brain and mental illness. It cures depression. It is an excellent gemstone for healing nervous system.

This stone is used as an aid for teeth problems, goiter, thyroid problems and throat infections. As it is colorless, it has a property very similar to diamond. So it is also used in the treatment of glaucoma, allergic conditions, all kind of sex diseases and rebalances the metabolism also.

Apart from the above healing qualities, Colorless sapphire helps to remove negative vibes from the conjugal and marital life. It helps to maintain a healthy and good romantic relation between the partners.

Please note: This color specific sapphires are recommended to wear after having a proper consultation with a Medical Astrologer.
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