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Zircon is a mineral that belongs to the group neosilicates. Its chemical name is zirconium silicate. Cubic Zircon occurs in igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks, and in sedimentary rocks. Zircon occurs in sedimentary deposit and is a common constituent of sands. It can become more modified by intense radiation damage. Some Zircon has large amount of uranium and thorium deposits It have been found in many varieties, but the most popular form is the colorless one. Its name has been derived from the Persian word “Zargun” which means gold colored. It is widely considered as a substitute of Diamond.

Zircon is mainly used in the ceramic industry as it is one of the most refractory materials known. In gemology, White Zircon has gained wide importance, though it found in brown, yellow, orange and other beautiful shades. Zircon stone is very brilliant, transparent in texture. Unfortunately, many consumers suffer from a strange misconception that this stone is synthetic or artificial. So it is essential to differentiate between natural and synthetic stones. Sri Lanka has been a source of gem quality for hundreds of years. It is also found in Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, France and Myanmar.

Zircon Gemology
Color-White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Brown
Appearance-Clear, double terminated, small to large
Rarity-Expensive, but it is readily available.
Source-Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, France, Thailand, Tanzania, Vietnam
Brilliance-Very high
Luster-Vitreous to adamantine
Mohs scale hardness-7.5
Formula- ZrSiO4 

Healing Effects and Benefits
Zircon has numerous healing and beneficial effects. It is one of the strongest crystal for removing electromagnetic pollution or radioactivity. They block geopathic* stress and works wonder, when studded around bed. It helps to maintain peace and comfort in life. This stone is known to unblock Sahashara chakra- known as crown chakra. Cubic Zircon act as a detoxificant and cures diseases caused contact and relieves from insomnia. It improves disorder of cellular system, metabolic imbalances, removes stress from the body. Cubic Zircon is used to defend body and mind from destructive energies. It provides love, wisdom, wealth and contentment. Zircon stone prevents migraine, headache and mental disturbances in old age. It gives helps pregnant women during pregnancy, and relieves labor pain and complications.

In which finger to wear
Zircon should be worn in gold or silver ring in the ring or middle finger on suitable day. It should be washed softy with water and soap, to remove any negative energies present after cutting and polishing. Before wearing, it should be purified with milk. 

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The six key steps in Examining a Stone
Whenever possible, examine stones unmounted.
Make sure the gem is clean.
Hold the unmounted stone so that your fingers touch only the girdle.
View the gem under proper lightning.
Rotate the stone in order to view it from different angles.

Vedic mantra for wearing
“Om Sah shukrayae namah”

Please note that all Gems are already energized (Pran Pratishtha) before sending to our clients by special Pundits and Purohits having in-depth knowledge of Vedas.
An auspicious day and Nakshatra is chosen by client Name, Date of birth and Place by our Purohits.
A Matt is placed with its face towards East, North or North east while performing Pooja
The gemstone is washed with holy Gangajal applied Kum Kum.
An incense stick is lighted in front of the gemstone and mantra is enchanted along with marigold flowers in according to the concerned gemstone.
The Name of the person, Date of birth is enchanted by closing the eyes by Purohits according to the concerned gemstone.
This completes the Pran Pratishtha of the gemstone and the person can directly wear this as it has already been energized.

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