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Certified Dendritic Agate
Dendritic agate is a semiprecious gemstone, which is also called as the stone of harmony.  Dendritic agate has tree like appearance on the surface, so called as Dendritic Agate. It is found in clear, brown and green in color. It is often small and tumbled. It is readily available. Sometimes, it is found in colorless to white in color. It is a form of chalcedony. It is one of the rarest varieties of agate. It has 6.5 to 7 hardness on the Moh’s scale. It is free of cleavage and it can be identified by the composition of silicon dioxide and distinctive branch on the surface.

Origin: Dendritic Agate is found in United States, India, Iceland, Morocco and Brazil

Dendritic Agate Metaphysical Properties
Dendritic agate is the stone of fullness and growth. It is widely used to enhance the yield of the crop and to maintain healthy plants. This creates a very soothing environment in the both inner and outer environment and encourages enjoyment. This crystal is particularly associated with plant kingdom.
Psychologically, it encourages in bringing stability in life. It clears confusion and directs towards proper path. It helps to remain connected with the root as you grow. It opens the chakras and bring higher consciousness.

Healing | Dendritic useful in Medical Astrology Treatment
Dendritic Agate heals the disease caused by chakra imbalances. It heals the blood circulatory system. It treats skeletal disorders. It is an excellent gemstone for the treatment of nervous system disorder. If provide relief from the pain.

Why Semi precious Gemstone Dendritic?
Semi precious gemstone has the same qualities as the precious gemstone. The semiprecious gemstone can be very well considered, if you are incapable of buying the precious gemstone. Although semi precious gemstone lack few characteristic of precious gemstone, but yet they have the quality which can act as a precious gemstone.

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