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Certified Hematite Gemstone
Hematite is a semi precious gemstone which is silver and red in color. Hematite has a similar structure like the brain of a human being. It is found in red and gray in color if unpolished. Hematite is heavy in weight and found in all sizes. It is grounding and protecting stone. It harmonizes the body, mind and spirit. Hematite is the gemstone of spiritual attainement and soul enhancement. It is aids circulatory system and prevents blood clotting. It is very useful for the profession of iron and mineral. People who are working in mining, iron ore industry, chemical engineering, gemology can be highly benefitted by wearing Hematite.

Source: Hematite is found in Britain, Italy, Brazil, Sweden and Switzerland.

Hematite Benefit
Hematite protects the soul. It helps to connect with the higher level of spiritualism. It balances the yang element. This stone dissolves the negativity and prevents negative energies.
Hematite is found very beneficial for legal matters. It helps to remove any legal complications. It enhances the self confidence and self esteem of a person. It increases the will power and reliability. It is a very useful stone to overcome compulsions and addictions. It brings attention to the unfulfilled desires. It is very useful in treating overeating, smoking and overindulgence in any form.

Why Semi precious Gemstone?
Semi precious gemstone has the same qualities as the precious gemstone. The semiprecious gemstone can be very well considered, if you are incapable of buying the precious gemstone. Although semi precious gemstone lack few characteristic of precious gemstone, but yet they have the quality which can act as a precious gemstone.

Why Hematite Gemstone?
Hematite is a semi precious gemstone, and you can use this stone for learning experiences. It can be used in jewelry in pendant and bracelet. It has a same feature as other costly semiprecious gemstones. You can use this stone in place of costly gemstone. It is an excellent gemstone for mathematics and technical subjects. It has a very powerful connection with the blood and lymph, so it heals the circulatory system.

It aids circulatory system and cures Reynaud’s disease. This stone cures chronic anemia. It supports the kidney and cleanses the toxic blood. It stimulates the absorption of iron and increases red blood cells in the body. It is very useful in the treatment of leg cramps, anxiety and insomnia. It is used as an elixir for fevers.

Hematite in Gems Therapy | Medical Astrology
It is used since ancient time in the treatment of chronic disease. It is very useful for any chronic addiction. It treats the circulatory system and filters blood.
It is used in Medical Astrology in the treatment of chronic blood dysentery. As you know that this is a semiprecious gemstone, so it can be used without any fear in pendants and lockets for removing illness form the body.
It is found very useful in the treatment of migraine, headache and sinuses. It kills the bacterial infection in the upper respiratory tract. It also aids malaria and regenerates the liver.

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