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Padparadscha-Orange Sapphire
Padparadscha or Orange sapphire is a variety of sapphire which is very distinguished for its rare colour and its shades. With respect to mineral composition Padparadscha or orange sapphire too is a form of aluminium-oxide similar to other varieties of sapphire. However, the variation of its colour is due to additional trace elements of chromium and iron content within it. The Padparadscha or orange sapphire is available in range of hues starting from pale orange to vivid reddish orange or deep orange to brownish orange. Its formation in nature is limited and hence the availability is less which makes it very valuable gemstone.

Origion: Tanjania, Verma, Bangkok but the best is know from Sri Lanka-Ceylon

Benefits of Padparadscha or Orange Sapphire:
Orange sapphire is considered to be one of the most valuable and costly sapphire. Its importance is just not because of its rarity, but also due to its powerful effect it has on the person wearing it. Orange sapphire considered to be one of the most important means to remove negative emotions and feelings of a person and replaces with peace, love and happiness. Orange Sapphire helps the wearer to relate with spirituality. It aids in opening the third-eye chakra of a person. This gemstone brings sincerity and consistency in a person. It is being traditionally considered as the sign of royalty.
Padparadscha or Orange Sapphire helpful in Career and Profession:
Since Orange sapphire is the sign of sincerity and consistency it helps in profession to achieve and attract seniors attention through royalty and genuinely. It enhances a person’s leadership. Orange sapphire very well suits the people with profession of justice/magistrate, since it increases judging capacity of a person. The people who are in line of preaching, orange sapphire is extremely helpful for them since it enhances the aura and charisma of person and also spiritual connectivity with others.
Padparadscha or Orange Sapphire in Gems therapy | Cure for Disease | Medical Astrology:
Orange sapphire is traditionally considered to enhance immune system of the wearer. It is also a very helpful gemstone to treat skin. It is extremely beneficial for the people suffering from brain related disorders, neurological & psychological problems, epilepsy and hysteria. This variety of sapphire is known as an anti-depressant. It also eases blood pressure and improves lung functioning.
Since ancient time it is considered to be a good healing gemstone for any kind of septic also as a treatment against poison due to insects bite.
Another very important medical usage of Orange Sapphire is to cure eye related problems. In ancient times it is regarded as most important medical gemstone for the virtue of its ability to provide power to eye-sight.
Please note this colour specific sapphires are recommended to wear after having consultation with a Medical astrologer.
If you are looking for a medical astrologer you may consult Medical Astrologer Mr. Parshant Kapoor.
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