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Pitambri Neelam
Pitambri Neelam (Sapphire) is a precious gemstone. It represents Shani Graha (Saturn) and Jupiter. Shani (Saturn) is the planet of judgment and past life repentance and Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion. Pitambri Neelam is a gemstone which has both yellow and blue color. But the ratio of the two colors may vary in proportion. As we know that Blue Sapphire is the most powerful gemstone, which bestows the wearer with the health, wealth and success, so in the same way, Pitambari Neelam (Sapphire) is a very fast acting gemstone. It is used to counter the malefic effect of Saturn and Jupiter.

Use of Pitambri Neelam
Pitambri Neelam is used very rare. It is highly recommended for the people, who have Saturn and Jupiter aligned in an adverse way in the birth chart. It is highly effective for the person who suffers from night mares and bad dreams. In some of the Pitambri Neelam, blue color is more in proportion than the yellow color, so sometimes known as Neelambari gemstone. This gemstone has the same properties and beneficial effect as Sapphire’s, but as it is specified for the two planets, so it considered a highly precious gemstone.

Origin: It is found mainly in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and Burma also. But the sapphire from Sri Lanka is considered best in quality.

Benefits of Pitambari Neelam
Pitambari Neelam is very useful for the person, whose Saturn is posited in the sign of Sun or Jupiter. It can also be used, when and Saturn and Jupiter combine together in the birth chart. It gives good health, luck, prosperity and wealth to the wearer. If you are suffering from any financial losses, then this Sapphire is considered very auspicious. This stone is very useful for removing depression and worries. It brings positive energy in the life of the wearer.
As you know that Sapphire is a highly auspicious gemstone, it brings sudden luck in the life of the wearer. It has the highest light of the blue gemstone. It focuses and calms the mind. It releases unwanted thoughts and mental tension.

Career and Profession
As Pitambari Neelam is the stone of Saturn and Jupiter, It is very useful to get best result from these two planets. It is very useful for the people who are in the field of teaching, administration, speaker, allied services, army, and leadership. It is highly beneficial for the business of gold and iron.

This eliminates negative energies from the chakras, and stimulates the third eye. It is a very fast acting stone and teaches you to master your emotions. This Sapphire is very useful for veins and nerve disease. It can dissolve kidney stone and hardened tissue. It enhances self esteem and self-worth. It helps in the assimilation of minerals and regulates liquid within the body.

Pitambari Neelam in Gems Therapy | Medical Astrology
It is traditionally used to heal the immune system. It heals physical heart and circulatory system. This stone brings truth in life. It treats sun burn, and stiff neck muscles.
Since ancient time, it is considered very beneficial for treatment of blood, lymph and treats fever. It cures the restricted blood flow. It is extremely beneficial for the adrenals, kidneys and reproductive organs.

Please Note: The specific color sapphires are recommended to wear after proper consultation with an expert astrologer.

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