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Bangkok Yellow Sapphire

Bangkok Yellow Sapphire gemstone is the most popular gemstone after Diamond and Rubies. Bangkok Yellow Sapphire or Peela Pukhraaj is light yellow to dark yellow in color. Bangkok Yellow Sapphire is the variety of corundum. Sapphire is found in various colors. Bangkok Yellow Sapphire is also a variety of corundum. Yellow sapphire gemstone gives the wearer the halo effect of success and growth. This yellow gemstone is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of growth and wisdom. People who wear Yellow sapphire is blessed with health, wealth, happiness and wisdom. It is also known to remove any marital tension in the wearer’s life. For removing any bad effect of Jupiter, Yellow Sapphire is the best solution for you.
Yellow Sapphire although very flexible in its effects needs to be worn only on the right index finger.

Who should wear Yellow Sapphire?
Whenever we talk about gems, we forgot to know the innate effect and benefit of the gemstone. The most astonishing property of Bangkok Yellow Sapphire is that it brings the people together who are wearing this gem. This may or may not be exactly true about other gem. For example, a person wearing Emerald may not be attracted to a person who is also wearing Emerald. The color yellow brings learning and knowledge. People wearing yellow Sapphire gemstone is attracted towards learning, knowledge and teaching.
Now, the question arises, which sign should wear Yellow Sapphire. The ascendant belonging to Aries and Sagittarius are two sign which should wear this stone. It is highly recommended for Aquarius, Gemini and Leo also to wear this stone. Yellow Sapphire is highly beneficial for the stomach ailments. Happily married couples are blessed by the magical positive effects of this stone.

Effect of Yellow Sapphire
Bangkok Yellow Sapphire gemstone propels the ill placed Jupiter placed in the horoscope. It benefits the largest planet of the solar system, the Jupiter. Like the Sun, this stone spread warmth and knowledge. It also brings mental peace. If the Leo ascendant wears this gemstone, it can help a lot to remove the hot temperament of this sign.

Bangkok Yellow Sapphire signifies knowledge, wisdom, growth, prosperity and fortune. It acts as a “Guru” and a major instructor for the person. As, teacher ( Guru) guides a disciple, in the same way this stone guides the wearer to follow correct path and honesty. The Guru guides action in the most balancing and in the most harmonious way.
The best quality of Yellow Sapphire- If it doesn’t suits the wearer, it will never harm the wearer.

Bangkok Peela Pukhraaj/Yellow Sapphire Details

Birthstone Month
Western-September/ Vedic-July

Ruling Planet

Teacher, Writer, Traders, Businessman, Yellow products seller

It brings knowledge, wisdom, growth, prosperity, protection from evil and increases fertility.

Light to Greenish yellow



Jewelry Metal
Yellow sapphire should always be made in yellow metal.

Wearing day
It should be worn on Thursday

Caution- One should always wear a clear and good quality gemstone. If there is any crack in the gemstone then it should be removed at once from the finger. You should avoid wearing Blue sapphire, Diamond, Hessonite and Emerald with Yellow sapphire. You should always consult an expert astrologer before wearing combination of these gemstones.

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