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What is Gemology?

Gemology or gemology can be defined as a science that deals with the study of natural and artificial gems. Gemology comes under the discipline of geo science and the person who practices gemology can also be a geologist. Gem can be identified by a process of elimination. Gems with best quality are identified by the tests. The study of gems and their healing effects are through centuries and coming centuries will also follow the same healing effect of gems. Gems may absorb all color and filter them all but they always retain themselves with their specific ray…..we can explain that Ruby is a gemstone of dark red color , it will filter all color but except red. Specific color of specific gemstones is absorbed and they affect the body according to the characteristics of their color. Ruby color increases will power, dynamism. Emerald color increases intelligence, wisdom .yellow sapphire increases expansion and growth and so on according to the birth stone of the person. There are certain gemstones that are being used form centuries of year according to their healing affects.

Gems are related with specific planets .Planets is influenced by specific gems. Astrology says that everything in this world is influenced by planets and all worldly incidents have an impact of the planetary positions.
Relation between Gems and Planets
Energy present in planet is fully absorbed in particular gems. Astrology depicts that sun energy is absorbed in Ruby, Moon energy is absorbed in pearl, Jupiter energy is absorbed in Yellow sapphire, Venus energy is absorbed in Diamond. Mercury energy is absorbed in emerald and Saturn energy is absorbed in Blue sapphire and so on……..If a person is suffering any problem and dearth of these planetary energy, then these gemstones can help to attain lost energy.

Zodiacal Signs


Color Rays


Ruby, Blood Stone and Red Jasper



Golden Topaz, Coral, Emerald



Emerald,  Aquamarine



Pearl, Moonstone, Crystal



Ruby,  Amber



Pink Jasper, Turquoise, Zircon



Opal, Diamond, Zircon



Garnet, Topaz, Agate






Smoky Quartz, Beryl, Jet



Blue Sapphire



Diamond, Jade, Aquamarine


All gemstones are attuned to the constellations and proclaim their affinity by their color. Anyone possessing or wearing gemstone will attract planetary force to which the gem is related by the nature. Birth stone conduct the energy that each cycle and season brings. It is also wise to wear a stone that will support whatever is a critical or weak point in your horoscope.

Effects of Wearing Gems
The more precious stone a person wears, the more strongly the person will be charged with cosmic forces, which radiates out into the person’s surroundings.
Sometimes the stones eliminate disease, pain and misfortune out of the human and etheric body of the person who wears them. Ruby and Coral fade when a person suffers from anemia. Other stones such as turquoise lose or change color when the wearer is not well. Some gemstones have vibrational frequencies, which can inspire spiritual and higher soul awakenings, or which help to become more responsive to the concept-such as the amethyst or the indigo sapphire.
Some stones do well when they are cut and polished. Amethyst serves better in crystal or raw form. When you purchase stone, try not to worry too much about cost. It is better to spend money to prevent sickness and disease or to align and balance yourself properly than to spend it on medications and doctor bills.
Please be open and receptive about the stones. Let the stones select you, and let your intuitive guidance direct you to do what you need to do at that moment.
We at have Dr Mrs. Satarupa Bhattacharjee Kapoor as our gemologist. She has a very wide and an accurate knowledge of correct gems and crystals.

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