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Healing Benefits of Garnet
Healing Benefits of Garnet Garnet is an ancient gemstone which, in fact, is a stone of silicate mineral. It also has a variety of silica mineral. Garnets are the oldest gemstone that is widely used since Bronze age, especially by the people of Egypt to ward off the evils. It is a semiprecious gemstone which acts as a protective shield to ward off ...
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Panchmahpurush Yoga
What is Panch Mahapursha Yoga? Panch Mahapurush Yoga is formed out of five grahas with specific positions at the time of birth. Five non-luminary planets are placed or exalted in their own sign. If their own house is Kendra from the ascendant. Kendra is 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th house. Forms Panch Yoga The five main planets are – Mars, Me...
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Procedure of Wearing Opal Gemstone
Procedure of Wearing Opal Opal gemstone strengthens Venus, the ruler of relationship and luxury in astrology. Therefore, wearing opal can bring happiness and satisfaction in life. People who are in the field of music, art and craft can get benefit by wearing opal. One of the main benefits of wearing opal is that it brings passion and strength in a...
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Auspicious and Inauspicious Result of Kemdrum Yoga
Auspicious and Inauspicious Result of Kemdrum Yoga Kemdrum Yoga is one of the most important Yogas formed by Moon and according to varahmir, this Yoga is formed when one house in front and back from the Moon are empty. In other words we can say that, the second and the twelfth house from the Moon is lying vacant. But we shouldn’t be afraid ...
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Top 10 Benefits of Yellow Sapphire
Top 10 Benefits of Yellow Sapphire 1) Yellow sapphire has the planetary power of Jupiter so it helps in the growth of health, wealth and happiness. 2) Wearing a yellow sapphire helps in calming the mind and the brain of the person. 3) Wearing yellow sapphire helps to get good life partner and it also helps in finding the right match for the brid...
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