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Significance of Sri Yantra
Significance of Sri Chakra Sri Yantra is a circuit showing chakras of the body. The presence of each chakra of the yantra is a symbol of chakra of the human body. The chakras in the body represent superimposition of 4 triangles and 5 triangles in an upward position and downward position respectively. These formation of interlocking of upward and d...
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Benefits of Sri Yantra
Benefits of Sri Yantra Sri Yantra is a very powerful tool for fulfilling all desires of life. It cats as magic and clears the minds. It helps one to focus on the goals of life. Meditating upon the symbols of the yantra will help in the clarity of thoughts and mind. This is a very efficient and effective way of re-focusing on our goals and life. ...
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Healing Effect of Savar Rudraksha
Healing Effect of Savar Rudraksha Savar Rudraksha is a very powerful rudraksha bead. Visually, it is has 1 faced rudraksha attached to the bead. It removes entire obstacle and helps to succeed in all spheres of life. It helps to face difficult situation of life and increases stamina during ill health and disease. Commonly available Savar Rudraksh...
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Zeolite Advantage
Zeolite Advanatge Zeolite gemstone is the generic name that belongs to a group of crystals that are often found together on a matrix. They include the variety of Apophylite, Okenite, Pectolite, Prehnite and Stillbite. The combinations stone is very beautiful with soft colors on the surface of the gemstone. It can also be used as a decorative featu...
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Significance of Garbha Gauri Nepali Rudraksha
Significance of Garbh Gauri Nepali Rudraksha Garbha Gauri Rudraksha is very beneficial for getting material benefit in life. It brings peace and happiness in life of the wearer. It is excellent for improving bad relation between husband and wife. It increases love and affection between marital partners. It should also be worn by the couple who are...
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