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Emerald – Top 12 Benefits
Emerald – Top 12 Benefits Emerald gemstone is freshly lively color green stone. Its color is fascinating and also one of the three Big Three gemstones in the world of coloured gemstone. Emerald gemstone also called as Pannna and Zamurud. It is the gemstone for the planet Mercury, used in the planetary gem therapy for harnessing the energies ...
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Astrological Interpretation of Diseases
Astrological Interpretation of Diseases Astrology is the study of planets in the respective house of the birth chart. It is the detailed analysis of the effect of planets in a particular house. According to astrology there are 12 houses in a horoscope and each house stand for a particular slab of a human life as for example marriage, love, childre...
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Tiger Eye Stone – Gemstone of Symbolism
Tiger Eye Stone – Gemstone of Symbolism Tiger-eye is a stone of karmic symbol. It is a combination of earth energy with the energies of the sun to create a high vibrational state nevertheless grounded. This powerful stone aids in balancing the harmony and release fear and anxiety. Tiger’s eye enhances the psychic vision and raises the ...
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Gomedh Gemstone for Rahu
Gomedh Gemstone for Rahu In Astrology, Gomedh is worn for shadowy planet Rahu. Gomedh or Hessonite is light orange to reddish brown color. Rahu is a shadowy planet and if placed unsuitable house in a horoscope, then it causes hardship and obstruction in the life path of a person. Wearing Rahu gemstone, Hessonite or Gomedh can help to combat the il...
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Role of Astrology In Marriage
Role of Astrology In Marriage Vedic astrology is very useful for determining the correct age if marriage. There are multiple rules that are studied to draw the conclusion for marriage. Parents are worried about their children marriage and they desire to marry them in a good house. For daughter, they destined themselves to find a well established a...
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