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Win Heart of Magha Nakshatra Native
Win Heart of Magha Nakshatra Native Alice was wandering here and there. He was little bit upset because some problem was pricking between him and his wife. Certainly he met Magha Nakshatra passing with wide face, big eyes and walk of a king. He stopped by and requested Magha to help him with his problem. Alice to Magha – Namaste, I have pr...
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Benefits of Enchanting Hanuman Chalisa
Benefits of Reciting Hanuman Chalisa Hanuman Chalisa is the greates poetic epic work of Goswami Tulisdas. Hanuman Chalisa has avery important place in the Hindu religion. It is believed that reciting this epic can help to appease the monkey God, Hanuman and his blessings. Reciting this epic also helps to overcome bad effects of Saturn. Tuesday i...
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Health Benefits of Red Coral Gemstone
Health Benefits of Wearing Red Coral Gemstone A red coral stone is also called as Moonga. It is originated from sea water from coral reef. It is composed for delicate red color and is harvested inside the sea water from the leaves of coral reef. It is a composition of 83 percent calcium, 4 to 5 percent iron and 4 percent carbonate. According to Ve...
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Tips that can make your innate qualities like Lord Ganesha
Tips that can make your innate qualities like Lord Ganesha We know very well that Lord Ganesha is the Lord that helps to remove obtscales and troubles from our life. He also invoked auspicious beginnings. Some techniques are present that you can learn and be like Lord Ganesha – Mean his innate qualities that you can possess. This technique ...
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Types of Quartz
Types of Quartz Quartz has crystal like appearance and is widely used for the manufacture of artifacts, jewelry, and things of accessories. Although it is found in various forms, we can know about some of the special forms of Quartz. A) Self-Healed: It is self-healed crystal and has many small terminations where it has been broken above its base ...
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