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Top Benefits of Danburite
Top benefits of Danburite Danburite is a spiritual stone. It is used to carry a spiritual vibration on the heart energy. Activation of both the intellect and the higher consciousness is the main characteristics of Danburite. It has the cosmic light and the brilliance comes from the same. 1) Wearing Danburite is useful in providing a link to the ...
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Unknown Facts About Lord Krishna
Unknown Facts About Lord Krishna Krishna was the legend of his time. His one name was ‘ Mohan’ means ‘ bewithcinh’ and a ‘ charmer’. He is the 8th avatar of Vishnu as the cute little butter thief. He was the charioteer guide of Arjun in Mahabharat, who helped the warrior to find his path in the midst of battle. ...
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Best Benefits of Emerald
Emerald Attributes and Benefits Emerald also known as Panna is the gemstone of Mercury. It is a stone of inspiration and thought. This is a stone of affirmation and possesses a great integrity. It brings great integrity in the life of the wearer. Partnership and love is enhanced by wearing emerald/ panna gemstone. It promotes friendship and tries ...
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Are You a Libra
Libra Traits. The people born under the Sign Libra are unique people. They are kind, gentle and lovers of beauty, harmony and peace. Their effort is to keep everyone happy, they are sociable and they find it difficult to say ‘NO’ to anyone. They have lot of good, positive traits and they end up being stressed. They have some negative tr...
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Cinnabar Top Benefits
Cinnabar – A stone of abundance Cinnabar is a stone of abundance. It attracts persuasiveness and also increases the power and assertiveness in selling. The color of the Cinnabar ranges from red brown to grey. It is small crystalline and granular mass in matrix. Readily available but is an expensive stone. It is sourced from China and United ...
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