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Benefits of Okenite
Top Benefits of Okenite Okenite is a white coloured gemstone with long and fibrous banded appearance on the surface. It can be easily obtained from the specialists shops and the main source of Okenite is India. It has a soft and a furry energy and is one of the stone of the New Age. People usually wear Okenite to attain the spiritual plane because...
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Double Transit in 2017 – Saturn and Jupiter double transit for all ascendants
Double Transit in 2017 – Saturn and Jupiter double transit for all ascendant Jupiter has transited to Virgo from August 2016 and Saturn transit in Sagittarius from 26 January 2017, a major and a very crucial planet transition. Virgo has become the most important sign for every person in this year and whichever house is occupied by this sign ...
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Amethyst Benefits and Healing
Amethyst Benefits and Healing Amethyst is a well known mineral and a gemstone ruled by the planet Saturn. It is suitable for the people who cannot buy precious blue sapphire. Amethyst is the February birthstone. It is usually found in purple and lavender color, surface is transparent with pointed crystal. It is one of the most common crystals foun...
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Basis of Astrology
Basis of Astrology The science of Hindu Astrology is based on the principle of evolution in time, that speaks that every cause must produce an action. The actions of every object are far-reaching, in fact, affecting the whole universe as the object itself may be regarded as a responsible. Every action-physical, moral and mental-produces in its tur...
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Leo Characteristics
Leo – The Lion The person born under Leo aspect is full stature with well-developed bones and broad shoulders. The Leo has a commanding appearance with a big and a round oval face. The hairs are shiny and glossy and eyebrows impose a royal and dignified appearance. Characteristics The person of Leo is a frank and generous, magnanimous and ...
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