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Mars Retrograde June 2018
Mars Retrograde – Slow Down! Mars is in the spotlight because it is conjunct Ketu the planet of moksha. On June 27 th Mars has become retrograde in Capricorn. The last time it happened was in the year 1971. So this is a rare transit. But this is not a negative transit and it is essential to channel the energy of Mars. Here are some practica...
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Ashwini Star and Its Mythology
Ashvini Star and Its Mythology Once upon a time there was a great sage called as “Adharva”. The Adharva veda is one of the 4 veda and is named after him. His son Dadhichi was interested in austeries. Indra blessed him with highest knowledge of “Madhu Vidya”. Indra taught Madhu-vidya to Rishi Dadhichi and warned too to keep...
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Onyx Gemstone Healing
Healing Properties of Onyx Gemstone The term onyx is derived from the Greek word onyx, which means fingernail or claw. It is related to a fingernail may seem baffling, legend has it that the he mischievous Cupid once cut off Venus's fingernails when she was sleeping. And as the fingernails scattered on the ground, the Gods turned them into flesh-c...
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Turquoise Healing
Turquoise Healing Turquoise Stones have been in use for thousands of years, and are some of the oldest stones which are used in jewelry making. They have impressive metaphysical properties, and they are powerful healing stones. They have natural energy and help us to communicate well. They have strong spiritiual attunement and are effective to aid...
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Sasa Yoga In Astrology
Saturn is the planet of justification. The Sasa yoga formed by planet Saturn and also Panchmahapurush yoga. So what are these yoga, how these are formed and which house? Sasa Yoga is formed when Saturn is placed in Kendra houses in its own (Capricorn), mooltrikone (Aquarius) or exalted (Libra) sign. Sasa Yoga can be formed for certain ascendant in...
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