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Chrysanthemum Stone and Its Uses
Chrysanthemum Stone Chrysanthemum is a stone that helps one to drift away slowly from the negative situation facilitating the positive vibes in life. It is usually present in brown shades on its upper surface. Chrysanthemum stone exclude calmness and brings confidence in life. It is available readily and resembles the flower of a chrysanthemum med...
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Types of Aura Quartz
Types of Aura Quartz Quartz is a variety of crystals which is found in various deposits around the world. It is readily available and manufactured as a coating on quartz. There are various types of quartz around the world, but here we are discussing about the main quartz which are found around the world. 1) Opal Aura Quartz - It has much paler wi...
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Celestite Gemstone Information
Celestite Gemstone Celestite is a gemstone with high vibration and is a teacher for the New Age. It is imbued with divine energies. Celestite takes you into the infinite peace of the spiritual energies. It jumps off starts spiritual journey in the life. It is a useful stone for the stimulating clairvoyant communication, dream recall and journeys o...
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Health Benefits of Pearl Gemstone
Health Benefits of Pearl Gemstone Good health and well-being is the best blessings for a person. Crystal gazing of Pearl gemstone helps one to get greater well-being with astonished remedial properties. One of the finest gemstone is the Pearl or Moti gemstone. Pearls are the endowment of nature that has been shaped inside the profundities of the O...
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Amazing Facts about Opal Gemstone
Benefits of Opal Gemstone Opal is one of the finest gemstone of the world. There is much more eye and speech on manifesting beauty of Opal. They have an amazing display of mesmerizing colors and they look beautiful in pendants, rings, watches and brooches. Opals are unique gemstone and it is wondered how opal is formed. Here are ten awesome facts ...
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