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Can I wear Ruby
Can I Wear Ruby / Manik Gemstone Ruby / Manik is a Jyotish gemstone used for attaining glory, power and success in all spheres of life. Ruby / Manik gemstone gifts one with the kingdom and luxuries life. Ruby or Manik is also called as a gemstone for the planet Sun. Sun is the nurture of power, vitality and force of life. It is highly used in astr...
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Importance of Diwali
Importance of Diwali Diwali, the festival of light falls on the ‘Amavasya’ when the moon is hidden and there is darkness all around. Light being the symbol of hope spread positivity and elegance in the atmosphere. The tingling flame of earthen diyaas on the terrace makes the environment lofty and charismatic. Light in the every corner ...
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Importance of Yogas In The Judgment of Horoscope
Importance of Yogas In The Judgment of Horoscope Yoga is a Hindi word which means addition: Yogas, which are beneficial in the horoscope, gives benefit to the person. While in the judgment of Yogas a combination and the disposition of some planets are seen in such a way as to mar improve the structure of the horoscope. Good disposition of the aus...
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What are the effects of Gemstones
What are the effects of Gemstones Gemstones act in the overall human body and there is a misconception, that gemstones effect only psychologically and astrologically. Yes although it effects astrologically and psychologically yet it acts on the complete human body. Gemstones are formed of certain minerals that give a huge impact on the human body....
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How to wear a Pukhraaj stone
How to wear a Pukhraaj stone Pukhraaj is also called as Yellow Sapphire. Peela Pukhraaj is very auspicious for enhancing the good effects of Jupiter in one’s life. Jupiter is the teacher and Guru, being the teacher amongst all planets, Pukhraaj stone is the key to happy and wealthy life. Yellow Sapphire also increases and broadens the person...
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