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Emerald - The Green Elegance
Emerald Gemstone - The Green Elegance Emeralds are mineral compounds, combining silicate of aluminum and beryllium. The color is either deep green or light green. The best quality of emerald is velvety green color. Meaning of the Word "Emerald" According to Indian mythology, the word emerald was first translated from Sanskrit as maraka...
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How To Appease Planet Mercury
Mercury is the planet of wisdom and intelligence. It gives one a wide array of thoughts and good knowledge. It is essential to know how to honor Mercury so that it can bestow you with wisdom and knowledge. 1. Every hour in a day is ruled by a planet and it is called “hora” which means “hour”. Try to meditate or chant mantra...
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Topaz gemstone In India
Topaz Gemstone – Elegant Beauty Topaz Gemstonesis one of the bets substitutes of yellow sapphire. It is produced in California, USA mainly but it is available in almost all the countries of the world. Imperial Topaz is found from the mines of Capao and Vermelhao, exists in Brazil. Topaz gemstones are available in numerous colors like white...
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Cat's Eye Stone For Ketu
Benefits of wearing Cat’s Eye Gemstone 1. Wearing cat’s eye gemstone helps to retain the lost wealth. It has also the capacity to restart a closed business. 2. Cat’s eye gemstone acts as a talisman and also gives psychic protection and can ward off the effects of evil eye. 3. The energies of Ketu can help an individual evolve t...
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Nandi - The Bull of Lord Shiva
Nandi – The Bull of Lord Shiva Nandi is the guardian and vahana of Lord Shiva. Devotees offer prayer to Nandi first to get his permission to visit Lord Shiva in temples. As, we all known Nandi is the sacred animal of Uttara Phalguni. People who are associated with this nakshatra are social workers who are always ready for the higher purpose....
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