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Top Benefits of Tanzanite Gemstone
Top Benefits of Tanzanite Gemstone Tanzanite is a heat-amended gemstone and consists of high vibration and facilitates altered states of mind. It changes its colour when viewed from different directions. The shifting of colors facilitates raising consciousness and it links to the angelic realms, *spirit guides*, and the Ascended masters. Some of t...
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Business Report Astrology
Business Report Astrology It is a known fact that a businessman want to earn better each and every day to reap maximum benefits from the business. But sometimes it happens that inspite of all the favorable conditions the business is at stake. Astrology helps a person, an entrepreneur to select the right business. When you are going to start a ne...
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Amavasya January 2018
Amavasya January 2018 Amavasya in January 2018 falls on Tuesday, 16th January 2018. This Amavasya is called as Magha Amavasya. Amavasya is considered highly auspicious day in the Hindu calendar. It is the first day of the lunar month, Amavasya is highly suitable to conduct worships and pitra puja. Here is some of the importance of Magha Amavasya. ...
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I Love You, What Zodiac Signs Mean?
“I Love You”, What Zodiac Signs Mean? It is believed that stars and planets could predict the personality and character of an individual. The twelve signs of the zodiac provide predictions on the movement of the stars and can be used to predict the accurate human behavior. On the similar note we can get a short guide to what each zod...
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Venus Jupiter Conjunction In Astrology
Venus Jupiter Conjunction Astrology Indian astrology considers Venus Jupiter conjunction as very powerful and beautiful. When this attractive and beautiful planet appears together in the sky, there is a combination of beautiful sight to the eyes. However, this article is for the individual who have Venus and Jupiter combination in the horoscope. ...
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