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Jupiter In The Twelve Signs
JUPITER IN THE TWELVE SIGNS Jupiter in Aries – A middle stature, but not stout, rather than lean. A penetrating eye, a high nose, oval visage. Very obliging people, especially to their friends. Jupiter in Taurus – A middle stature, stout and well set body. Skin shiny and oily. The person is reasonably sound and disposition good, behav...
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Power of Gemstones
Power of Gemstones Gemstones are the most popular astrological remedy. It counteracts the adverse planetary effects. Gems have the power of attracting individual by their brilliant and beauty. Careful selection of gemstone is extremely important to bring mental peace, prosperity and wealth. Gemstones according to the planetary position bring happi...
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Gemstones and Planetary Effects
Gemstones can strengthen the weaknesses caused by the effects of the specific and malefic planets. The various stones assigned to the planets also tend to strengthen the already well positioned planets. If the planetary effect is strengthened too much, it may also cause other problems. So, proper consultation is highly recommended before going for ...
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Marriage and Love Life Analysis
Marriage and Love Life Report Marriage is the most important institution of love and harmony. It is given importance in all religions of the World. Marriage brings two people and families together. It joins two people together to pursue dharma (duty), artha (possessions), and moksha (ultimate spiritual release) together. Marriage is very crucial a...
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What is Astrology
Astrology is a science of correlation of astronomical facts with terrestrial events. Some people define astrology as the science of stars. According to others, it is the art by which future of a man can be known. According to astrological events, the celestial bodies are conspicuous by the presence of supreme order in their revolutions. Astrology g...
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