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Pyrolusite Benefits
Pyrolusite Benefits Pyrolusite stone is found in silver, black, blue and dark grey in color. The surface of the stone is large, shiny fan-like on brown matrix. It is readily available and especially found in United States, Britain, Brazil and India. • Pyrolusite has the ability to transform and restructure energies. Its most beneficial aspec...
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Lord Hanuman Devotion for Strengthening Saturn
Lord Hanuman Devotion for Strengthening Saturn You can strengthen your Saturn by pleasing Lord Hanuman. After war of Lanka, Lord Rama returned to Ajodhya along with Sita, Lakshman and Lord Hauman. Lord Hanuman loved Rama to greatest extent. The joy and the enthusiasm of Lord Hanuman was immense and he was the ONLY one who was happy in doing servi...
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Kurma Avatar of Lord Vishnu
Kurma (Tortoise) - Avatar of Lord Vishnu & Saturn Lord Vishnu is the creator of all forms of life. The Kurma Avatar, also called as second avatar of Lord Vishnu. The word Kurma means Tortoise belonging to symbol of perseverance. Why did Lord Vishnu incarnate as Kurma (Tortoise) ? There was rivalry between Devas and Asuras which was getting w...
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15 ways to Honor Sun
15 ways to Honor Sun Sunday is ruled by Sun (Surya) – Sun is the most important planet of all the nine planets in astrology. “Nakṣatragrahatārāṇāmadhipo viśvabhāvanaḥ tejasāmapi tejasvī dvādaśātman namo’stu te” (Salutations to the one who is the Lord of stars, zodiac, planets and everything that originate...
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Birthstone for April
Birthstones or gemstones are unique to your birth month When we are3 born, we are associated with lucky charms and also with the month and time that we are born – it brings tons of lucky elements for yourself too, but they may coincide with another person in the world, but its rare. These lucky elements can be days, colours and gemstones. Ye...
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