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Gemstone Inclusions
Know about Gemstone Inclusion What Are Gemstone Inclusions? Simply, we can say that any material trapped inside but visible from outer appearance is called as inclusions. There are inclusions present in the gemstones especially in the natural gemstones. If a natural gemstone is without any inclusion, then it ,may not be a natural gemstone or trea...
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Venus & Jupiter Combination
Venus and Jupiter Conjunction in a Horoscope Venus, the ruler of love and luxuries of life and Jupiter, the greater benefic, if conjoined in parallel is not so good for the horoscope as other conjunctions benefics with Jupiter, since though the benefic, they are natural remedies of themselves. Hence according to the Hindu astrology more prominence...
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Zambian Emerald v/s Colombian Emerald
Zambian Emerald v/s Colombian Emerald – Which one is better? Zambian emerald works better or Colombian emerald, this is a question that is still a mystery like an untold story. We decide the things that we do not like to avoid our negative feelings. The fact proves itself that both emeralds posses same gemological properties and gives the gr...
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Life Path Number 9
Life Path Number 9 In numerology, the life path number has its own significance. Life path number varies in different person. If your life path number comes to 9 then you are unique with a peculiar qualities that renders you to excel in your life. It is well known that number 9 belongs to Jupiter, the greater benefic and luck carries. A person w...
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Gupt Navratri
Gupt Navratri Gupta Navratri, also called as Ashadh Navratri is celebrated every year according to the Hindi month of Ashadh (June to July) duirng shukla paksha (waxing phase of moon). In this the worship of mother Durga, and other religious rituals are specifically performed in the early morning and in evening after sunset. There are four Navra...
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