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Top Benefits of Petalite
Top Benefits of Petalite Petalite is the stone of new age and it is sometimes also called as angel stone because it enhances the angelic connection between two souls. This is also called as protective stone as it aids in spiritual connection. This stone can give numerous benefits if worn as a pendant and in a bracelet. This stone helps in meditati...
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Venus and Mars Conjunction in a Horoscope
Venus and Mars Conjunction In Horoscope Venus and Mars conjunction in a horoscope can bring hopes, fulfills the wishes and helps one to be determined for the certain aims and ambitions in life. The fiery nature of Mars is softened by the passionate and emotional, peaceful Venus and the native will be upright and disciplined in his or her manner, c...
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Holi Puja
Hoil is a very scared festival celebrated throughout India. It is believed to remove the evils and the sorrows from the society. Holi puja is performed to remove all the fears of people and the benefits of Holi puja is enormous, it brings prosperity and happiness in the life of the people. The demoness, Holika is worshipped along with Prahlad on th...
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Manik Stone
Manik Stone Manik stone or Ruby Gemstone called in English is the highly precious gemstone. It is worn on the right hand of the ring finger of male and the female. This gemstone is the hardest gemstone as made of the mineral corundum so it doesn’t scratch easily. This is a Gemstone for Sun i.e. Surya. If one wears Ruby, then he or she may g...
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Sun and Venus Conjunction In Astrology
Sun and Venus Conjunction The native who have a well places conjunction of Sun and the Venus in the horoscope acquires competence in music, art, poetry and popularity and social success. The person realizes his ambitions and profits through the other sex, and he benefits a lot in material and luxuries of life through his partner. Marriage and prog...
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