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Blue Sapphire - Gemstone For Saturn
Blue Sapphire – Gemstone for Saturn Blue Sapphire is also known as Neelam. This is the lucky gemstone for the people who are ruled by the Saturn. It helps make one detached and protects against envy. It can also be worn for good luck and for the protection from the negative aspect of life, but if Saturn is well placed because if it is in the...
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Remedies for Ketu Ruled Nakshatras
Ketu Ruled Nakshatras Remedies The planets placed in the Ketu Nakshatras denote the rebirth. It shows the birth to address pending Karmas. The Ketu nakshatra is placed between the gandanta point between the water and the fire signs. It represents a sudden end to the karma which has been associated with the previous lifetimes. The planets placed r...
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The Magical Mantra for Lord Shiva
The Magical Mantra for Lord Shiva Shiva Yajur Mantra (Karpura Gauram Karunavtaram) beautiful sanskrit mantra for Lord Shiva. Karpur Gauram – The one who is pure and white as camphor. Karunaavatarm – The epitome of compassion. Sansara Saaram – The one who is the essence of the world. Bhujagendra Haaram – The one with th...
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Top Benefits of Ruby Gemstone
Top Benefits of Ruby Gemstone Natural ruby also known as manikya stone is a precious gemstone that is fascinated by everyone. Ruby is the lucky gemstone for the people born in the month of July but it is essential to consult an experienced astrologer before wearing ruby gemstone to know the position of Sun in the horoscope. A ruby gem is also know...
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Shatabhisha Nakshatra Remedies
Satbhisha Nakshatra Remedies A group of faint stars, enclosing the sign of Aquarius, form the nakshatra Shatabhisha. Shatabhisha is known as "100 physicians” and it is associated with the medicine and healing abilities. People born under this star are independent and intrigued with puzzles. The symbol of Satbhisha is an empty circle, wh...
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