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Things You Need To Know About White Sapphire
Thing you need to know about White Sapphire It is popularly known as safed Pukhraaj. The wearers of this gemstone are blessed with luxurious and comfortable life and also accelerate financial prosperity and attract beauty, charm, and wealth too. Lot of credit goes to the planet Venus which is an epitome of good luck, wisdom, and celestial grace. ...
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Mars In Relationship and Compatibility
Mars in Relationship and Compatibility Mars is feared and considered as planet that is fiery and if our partner gets caught in their ego it is considered as selfishness. In this case Venus gets overpowered. The secret of relationship is based on the harmony of the relationships and when Mars get stuck then it seems that nothing can be moved. Men a...
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Benefits of Zircon Gemstone
Benefits and Uses Zircon is a gemstone associated with planet Venus, the planet of love and passion. It is useful for the married life and strengthens the passion, understanding, love and romance in one’s life. Zircon is highly recommended for the people who desire of peace in their life or in their love life. People who wear zircon is gifte...
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Importance of Maha Rudrabhishek Puja
Importance of Maha Rudrabhishek Puja Ancient texts and scripts depicts the Sri Rudram in the primeval Vedic hymn of assorted names of Lord Shiva. Different aspects of Lord Shiva are worshipped through the chanting of Sri Rudram. Rudra Yagya is performed by lighting a fire (Yagna ). This is one of the most important and dynamic aspect to seek the b...
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Panna- Emerald Gemstone Benefits
Panna – Benefits of Emerald Gemstone Emerald stone is also called as “Panna”, gemstone for enhancing the positive aspect of planet Mercury. This valuable gemstone is a subordinate of mineral Beryl. It is found in soft green shades and also used for medical advantages. If we discuss the comprehensive recuperating help, this gemsto...
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