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Mahashivratri and Its Significance
Mahashivratri is a divine annual festival celebrated to the Hindu God Shiva. Festival of Mahashivratri is celebrated on the 14th night of phalgun, corresponds to the month of February and March. Mahashivratri festival is also called as the night of the Shiva and is celebrated with devotion and religious favor in honor to the Lord Shiva, one of th...
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Sardonyx Gemstone Benefits
Sardonyx is a stone of strength and protection. It involves the search for a meaningful life. It is a variety of chalcedony quartz has a band of alternating red and blue stripes. This unique gemstone boosts inner confidence and optimism. It is found in Brazil, India, Russia and Asia Minor. Color of sardonyx gemstone is usually black, red and brown....
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Moon Transit and Its Impact on 12 Houses
Moon is the vital planet in astronomical science as well as astrological science. Moon completes one orbit in 27 days. Therefore, it is in each sign for approximately 2 days and 6 hour4s. The transit of Moon has to be judged in terms of the sign it is passing though when counted from the Janma Rashi. First house - It brings sound sleep, good food,...
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Chandra Grahan and its Effects- February 2017
Chandra Grahan and its Effects- February 2017 Chandra Grahan is an eclipse formed by the Moon. There is two types of eclipse that are known till now, Solar eclipse and the Lunar eclipse. As the Sun and the Moon is the most important planets in planetary world, they also holds a special significance in astrological science. Two lunar eclipses are g...
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Choice of Right Gemstones and Their Use
Choice of Right Gems and Restrictions in Their Use Planetary gems only increases the benefic vibrations of related planets. They do not destroy their evil effects. It is known that if a particular planet is malefic for a native, and if he wears relevant stone, it increase the malefic tendency of such planet. Planets can be described as malefic and...
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