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Side Effects of Wearing Ruby Gemstone
Side Effects of Wearing Ruby Ruby gemstone represents Sun, the planet of glory and wisdom. It imparts calculated strength to the wearer. Ruby / Manik gemstone is very good for the person who have well-placed Sun in the horoscope. It doesn’t have any side effects to the wearer with beneficial Sun in the horoscope. The gemstone doesn’t h...
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Saturn Transit through Libra for all Moon Sign
Saturn Transit through Libra Saturn the planet of justice is passing through the Libra for all Moon signs. Saturn is the slowest moving planet in the solar system. Though this planetary move may be considered a particular bearing on each sun sign, except during the two retrograde periods of this phase, the transit may exert its effect on individua...
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Rhodochrosite Benefits
Rhodochrosite Benefits Rhodochroscite is a variety of manganese carbonate mineral belonging to the calcite group. In its pure form, it is typically red in color and impure specimens are found in between the shades of pink to light pink. Rhodochrosicte has banded appearance, found in all sizes and often polished or tumbled. The source of Rhodochros...
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Moonstone Value & Price Information
Moonstone value, Price Information Moonstones are the highly prized gemstone. The best quality moonstone fetches price more than it is valued. Moonstones are prized for their adularescence – it is an optical phenomenon that creates a cloudy appearance of blue and white light with moonlight sheen. These are the feldspar gems that have varyin...
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Metaphysics of Citrine Gemstone
Metaphysics of Citrine/Sunela Stone Citrine is a powerful cleanser and regenerator. It relates to Sun. Sun imparts glory and success to a person. It makes a person to live a life like a king and the leader. This stone makes a person warming, energizing and highly creative. Citrine stone is one of the crystal that never needs cleansing. It energize...
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