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Best Birthstone for May
The month of May is adorable The month of May is brilliant period for its blissful weather and soothing windy days. The time is good for agriculture and also for outing. Which birthstone is the best for May born people? The birthstone for people born in May is beautiful green Emerald. About Emerald This green stone comes under precious gemston...
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Complete Guide to Ruby Gemstone
What is Ruby Gemstone? Red color Ruby is called as “king of gemstones”, as it has an everlasting color and hardness that is similar to diamond. The ruby gemstone comes under one of the most appealing gemstone and is worn in the form of jewelry item by men and women. Also, it is called as “love stone”, and gives best effect ...
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Types of Tourmaline
Tourmaline and Its Types Tourmaline is shiny, opaque or transparent, long striated hexagonal stone and is found in all sizes. It is easily obtained from specialist store. Tourmaline is mainly found in Sri Lanka, Australia, Afghanistan, United States and Western Australia. According to gemstone specification, Tourmaline is found in various types. S...
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Conversation between Mars and Saturn
Conversation between Mars and Saturn I am presenting an imaginary story between Mars and Saturn that will help you to understand their energies and how they work. We know that, now Mars and Saturn are in Sagittarius, so it is important to understand their energies so that we could manage them better. Mars is currently in Mula Nakshatra, Saturn in ...
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5 Steps of Absorbing Mantra
5 Steps of Absorbing Mantra Mantras are one of the most soughted and best remedy for any astrological problem. It helps to remove the negative impact of cosmic changes and planetary disposition. In the worn “Mantra”, Man means mind and tra means protection, so mantra is nothing but the divine armour. Mantra can be absorbed in five sta...
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