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Ruby Meaning & Mystical Power
Ruby Meaning, Powers and History Ruby gemstone is described as the most beautiful red colored gemstone. The Indians call the ruby as Ratnanayaka, the lord of all gemstones. In Hinduism, ruby is known as the king of precious stones and the leader of gems. People divided rubies into castes, much like social. Rubies were sorted into upper, middle and...
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Why we offer Coconuts to Gods
Why we offer Coconuts to God? Coconuts in exchange of human sacrifice? It is impossible to imagine, coconut in place of human sacrifice. Isn’t it? Coconuts make the perfect offering, by being a holy fruit, soft and juicy from inside and the coconut water is only second nectar. The thallis of puja consists of offerings to God in which there ...
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Navkar Mantra Benefits
Navkar Mantra Meaning and Benefits Navkar mantra is the most important mantra that is universal and the most powerful. This mantra is associated with the divine qualities and attainments of all the saints, siddhas and sages. Navkar mantra is up from the boundaries of religion, caste and creed. It is general in its appeal and profound in its messag...
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Sulphur Healing Properties
Sulphur Healing Properties Sulphur is a yellow, powdery and found in small translucent crystals on matrix. It can be obtained from specialists shop and mainly sourced from Italy, Greece, South America and Volcanic regions. Sulphur has a negative electrical energy charge and is extremely useful for absorbing negative energies, and emotions. It abso...
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What is Soulmate Crystal - Tantric Twin
Soulmate (Tantric Twin) Soulmate is a crystal and it does exactly as it name suggests – It draws a Soulmate to your side, although this Soulmate may not be a sexual partner. Soulmate crystals are very unique and help to develop a good bond between people who can be a Soulmate in life further. Soulmate crystals, or tanric twins, are a pair of...
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