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Moon and Mercury Combination
Combinations of Moon and Mercury The conjunction of Moon with Mercury gives high imagination and linguistic capabilities because Mercury is a planet of communication and Moon gives imagination to a person. But theses combination also makes the person changeable, unsteady and highly loquacious. Lack of concentration and versatility but keen observ...
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Gayatri Mantra Benefits
Benefits of Gayatri Mantra Gayatri mantra is originally written in Vedas. It is the most sacred mantra used to connect with the higher level of spiritualism. It is made of 24 syllables, that affect both psychological and physical well- being of a person. There are miraculous benefits of enchanting gayatri mantra. Let is look in brief the benefits ...
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Saturn In The Twelve Signs
Saturn In the twelve Signs Saturn is the planet of justice and truth. It brings hardships and cultivates patience in a person. Saturn rules Aquarius and Capricorn signs. The color of this planet is black. It rules the limb and lower feet and toe of the body. It is present in dark places. How the presence of Saturn in all the twelve signs makes an ...
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Increase Concentration Power
Ways to increase concentration power Now days, the most common problems the world is facing is the lack of concentration and the memory power in the kids. The parents are worried because their kids do not pay attention and they forget the things that they learnt in school. Parents continuously strive to know the good for their children to increase...
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Precious Stones
Precious Stones – what are they? Precious gemstones are unique and carry its own gemological and healing properties. They help the wearer for removing any malefic effect of planets and heals the chakras. Aquamarine Aquamarine is greenish-blue in color. It resembles the color of the sea and in Latin, the sea water is called as Aquamarine. ...
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