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Moonga Stone ( Red Coral )
Moonga (Red Coral) Stone Moonga is also called as Red Coral. It is the gemstone of Mars or Mangal as per Vedic astrology. Moonga stone is very well suited to the people who have well placed mars in their horoscope. It is the lucky stone for the Aries ascendant and Scorpio ascendant, but before wearing Moonga / Red Coral it is essential to know the...
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Pisces Characteristics
Pisces Characteristics Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac. Jupiter the planet of growth and expansion rules this sign. Being the negative, watery sign of Jupiter, Pisces makes a person restless, imaginative and romantic. The native is upright, honest and humane. The temper of Pisces is changeable, being swayed by the opinions of others. Pisces ...
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Education and Finance Astrology
Education Astrology Education is associated with the complete development of the human race. In the absence of education, our society and the world will become a complete deserted place to live in. In a horoscope and according to astrological science, the education is ascertained from the 4th house its lord and Vidyakaraka or lord of education for...
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Benefits of Okenite
Top Benefits of Okenite Okenite is a white coloured gemstone with long and fibrous banded appearance on the surface. It can be easily obtained from the specialists shops and the main source of Okenite is India. It has a soft and a furry energy and is one of the stone of the New Age. People usually wear Okenite to attain the spiritual plane because...
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Double Transit in 2017 – Saturn and Jupiter double transit for all ascendants
Double Transit in 2017 – Saturn and Jupiter double transit for all ascendant Jupiter has transited to Virgo from August 2016 and Saturn transit in Sagittarius from 26 January 2017, a major and a very crucial planet transition. Virgo has become the most important sign for every person in this year and whichever house is occupied by this sign ...
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