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White Gemstones - Their Importance
White gemstones are white with a shiny appearance on the surface of the body. They are smooth in touch. These stones are related to certain planets and are widely used for the best propagation of certain planets. Some of the important of them are – Moonstone / Opal and Pearl. Moonstone It is an ancient gem of important spiritual significanc...
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Moon and Mercury Combination In Vedic Astrology
The conjunction of Moon with Mercury gives high imagination and linguistic capabilities because Mercury is a planet of communication and Moon gives imagination to a person. But theses combination also makes the person changeable, unsteady and highly loquacious. Lack of concentration and versatility but keen observation are marked. Adverse of this ...
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Top Benefits of Larimar Gemstone
Larimar is a semiprecious gemstone found in Dominican Republic and Bahamas. It is translucent, smooth with whorls of colors or white veins through the base of the color also known as “Dolphin Stone”. It is found in blue, blue-green, gray or white color. This gemstone is readily available in the gemstone market and in jewelry shops. Alth...
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Garnet Gemstone - A Substitute for Ruby Gemstone
Red garnet gemstone is known as Raktamani – means blood red precious jewels. This is an excellent gemstone for regulating the blood cells and circulatory cells. It gives strength to the immune system. It blesses its wearer with name, fame and wealth. Sun rules sign Leo, Red Garnet is the most suitable gemstone for Leo natives. The Sun has th...
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Azoospermia Ayurvedic Treatment
Azoospermia is a condition in which there is a nil sperm count or less sperm in the ejaculation of semen in a man. The semen is normal but after complete diagnosis under the microscope, it can be find out. Is Azoospermia curable? Yes, Ayurvedic Treatment can cure Azoospermia. Apart from herbal remedies, there are certain reasons in medical astro...
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