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10 Ways To Dignify Your Moon
10 Ways to Dignify Your Moon • Moon indicates “Mother”, so try to get blessings of your mother so as to get the positive effects of the Moon. • Shivalingam represents Lord Shiva – Try to put milk on the same as this ritual can help to strengthen your mind and brain. • Meditate everyday – This is one the eas...
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Jasper Stone
Jasper stone • Jasper is a grounding stone and it has wide spread effect. • Jasper stone is associated with crown chakra and the heart chakra of the body. • Jasper has an excellent healing property. It heals the body organs and especially cure the blood vascular system of the body. • Jasper is known as one of the best chakra...
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Power of Yagya
Power of Yagya The Sanskrit word Yagya has come from the Sanskrit verb – YAJ. Yagya is a combination of rituals recommended by Veda and Vedic Scriptures. These rituals include Hawan or Fire Sacrifice, Japa or Recite of a particular quantity of a Particular Mantra. These Mantras are perfect in rhythm and very effective in generating fast ene...
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Win Heart of Ashvini Nakshatra Native
Win Heart of Ashwini Nakshatra Native How to win the heart of Ashwinin nakshatra Native? What are the qualities that makes this nakshatra peculiar. Pooja to Ashwini Nakshatra – Namaste! I am attracted by you and I am writing a blog post about how to win over the people who fall under your asterism. Please, can you help me. Ashwini – ...
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Ruchaka Yoga In Vedic Astrology
Ruchaka Yoga In Vedic Astrology Ruchaka Yoga is formed by Mars, the fiery planet in a horoscope and it is considered as one of the five most auspicious Yogas in Vedic astrology called Panch MahaPurusha Yogas. According to the existed definition of Ruchaka Yoga, when Mars is present in Kendra from Ascendant in a horoscope, which means when Mars is...
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